SE White Compressed Towels Paper Tablets Portable Towels for Home Beauty and Outdoors Hiking


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Each Piece is Individually wrapped for sanitary, safety, and waste reduction. The dry stored tablets are only .75in., but when water is added it expands to 9.5in x 10in. Made of 100% Rayon, it's unscented, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Each pack contains approximately 12 towels. Great for travel, backpacking, or emergencies.


PACKAGE INCLUDED:  Each pack contains approximately compressed 12 towels which you can carry with you anytime, anywhere.

COMFORTABLE & REUSABLE: The camping towel is comfortable and soft which can be reused many times. -Each towel is individually wrapped and easy to carry. It is coin-sized before opening, 7.5 inches in thickness. After water, It will be expanded to a square shape with a side length of 9.5 x 10 inches.

EXCELLENT QUALITY: Made of 100% Rayon, it's unscented, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Lightweight and soft enough for a baby’s skin, comfortable, safe, and tasteless. Both adults and children are suitable.


HOW TO USE: The portable towels can be used with a glass of water. Both cold and hot water, which depend on your own. A dehydrated towel is more durable than ordinary paper

WHERE TO USE: Hiking towels are perfect for kitchen, hotel, salon, bathroom, office, travel, camping, hiking, business occasion, and much more.



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