Mestel Safety - Full-face Gas Mask, Anti-Gas Respirator Mask

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  • ONE PIECE FULL VISOR - Solvent and scratch proof visor. The main part of the facial-piece, which consists of a large round surface in front of the eyes, is set back in the structure, thus keeping the overall dimensions to a minimum, reducing the risk of scratching and allowing the use of optical instruments. The SGE 150 has multi-purpose applications: is an escape mask.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION - In the SGE masks, the entire body of the masks is made of a strong, rigid material (polycarbonate) and is therefore able to allow full protection for the face and eyes against extremely violent impacts. Laboratory tests have been carried out proving that the polycarbonate body is left unharmed by a 6.35 caliber bullet hitting it at a speed of more than 150 m/seconds. This means that the whole face is given the same protection afforded by a protective helmet.
  • MADE TO FIT - Our face-seal is made of very soft rubber with a supple bellows type structure which allows perfect sealing and a very high degree of comfort even after very prolonged use. The bellows type structure also allows it to adjust easily to all face shapes. As a whole, the straps, face-seal and stiff body of the mask together provide far more comfort than traditional masks.
  • PERFECT VENTILATION - The SGE masks have a threaded fitting for application of standard filters. The fitting is contained in a single unit which also comprises the exhalation valve. The shape of the internal ring nut allows perfect ventilation of the whole face-piece, preventing misting even at low temperatures. The material used is black polyarilamide, created for aeronautical and aerospace requirements: it is very high impact resistant and is not affected by aging or atmospheric factors.
  • BEST DESIGN - The oral-nasal area of our mask is made of soft medical grade silicone rubber, designed specifically for use in contact with the human body for indefinite periods of time without causing irritation or allergic reactions. The shape is designed to provide optimum comfort and efficiency adhering softly and evenly to the face. It has a sufficiently rigid structure to ensure effective sealing during inhalation and it is sufficiently soft to open and swell during exhalation

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