200lb Kevlar Cord - 25ft


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This crazy-strong cord is only .036 inches in diameter, but it has 200 lbs breaking strength! A 25ft. Length is almost weightless but has thousands of uses. Great for snares, traps, saws, and bows. It will even cut through zip-ties. The polyurethane coating is UV resistant, abrasion-resistant, and can withstand frost and fire. Essential for any survival kit or bug-out bag.


BENEFITS: Cut Resistant, Low Stretch, Resists Raveling, Will not Burn or Decompose with Exposure to Sunlight. UV Resistant, High Thermal Heat Resistance, Flame Resistant and Abrasion Resistant

HIGHLY RELIABLE: Kevlar Cord has Amazing Strength Capabilities when Compared to Traditional, 550 Paracord Pound for Pound. Kevlar Cord is Compact and Rapidly Deployable

SPECIFICATIONS: Breaking Strength: 200lbs |  Diameter: 0.36" 



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