Thermal Solar Blanket - Emergency Warming Blanket - Outdoor Survival Mylar Blanket


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Another essential for any survival kit. This emergency sleeping bag is made from polyester and Mylar. It works by reflecting heat back at you. You can also use it as a ground cover to keep you out of the mud and prevent your body heat from seeping into the earth. It's waterproof and windproof. It's essentially an emergency shelter, with no construction need. It can also be used as a reflector to alert attention. Designed for one person. Dimensions are 84in x 36in. Made in the USA.


PROTECT YOUR BODY FROM COLD: These emergency survival blankets are lightweight, compact, and have many uses. can retain 90% of your body heat and can be used as ground cover or a shield from the elements

KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE: Going camping with friends or family? Stranded in your car in an emergency? Worried about losing power due to a storm or other events? These solar blankets could save your life!

LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: The compact design of our thermal blanket outdoor makes it easy to keep them handy at all times in case you need them for insulation, shade, shelter, or ground cover.

MULTIPLES USES Best used in emergency situations like search and rescue, super-tough against wind and rain. Keep an emergency blanket in your backpack because it can be used as a tarp, picnic blanket for signaling or catching  rainwater and much more,

OUTDOOR SURVIVAL LIFESAVER: These can be a lifesaver by providing warmth, can also be used as a ground cover, to build a shelter, collect rainwater, and as a reflective signal device.

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