Voodoo Tactical Zombie 3 day Survival Kit

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You're a smart shopper. That explains why there's always a legion of reanimated undead corpses lining up for a taste of your delicious brains. Our good friends at Zombie Defense Solutions haven't yet found a way to cure those poor souls, rotting away as they shamble down the bloodstained streets. But they have compiled a survival kit containing everything that you'll need to avoid an unpleasant death.


  • 3,600Cal Energy Bar
  • 6 Water rations
  • 1 Box waterproof matches
  • 3 Lightsticks
  • Mylar emergency blanket
  • 7 Adhesive bandages
  • 2 Gauze pads
  • 2 Alcohol prep pads
  • 2 Wet naps
  • 1 Triple antibiotic ointment
  • 1 Emergency hammer
  • 1 Survival bracelet, 10ft
  • 1 Emergency whistle

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