Esbit Fuel Cubes - 12x14g

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Esbit makes the original German-made Solid Fuel Tablets that burn virtually smokeless and odorless. The imitations will not perform the same. Generates up to 1400°F of intense heat, providing about 12 min. useable burn time per tablet. One fuel cube will boil a pint of water in less than 8min. And not just for cooking, it works as a great fire starter in wet conditions, high altitude and subzero temperatures. And since it is smoke and soot free, it's great for tactical situations where you don't want to leave a trail. They don't smell like roses, but it's not the retched fuel cubes used by the US military in the past. These are the larger fuel cubes, dimensions are 1in x .5in x 1.5in, and weigh .5oz each. Each package contains 12 fuel cubes.

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